Why YIT flats?

Why YIT flats?

Scandinavian housing sets the global benchmark. Finnish projects are characterised by timeless architecture, superior quality, ecological solutions, and attractive locations.

And equally important is the comprehensive Scandinavian approach to buildings, their furnishing, and clients' complete satisfaction. Through our projects, we are delivering this inspiring approach to Slovakia.

Award-winning developer with over a century of tradition.

Everything under one roof

starostlivost o zakaznikov

Customer Care

Handing over apartment keys represents the continuation – not the end – of our relationship with home owners.  And likewise our customers can ask questions or send comments via the YIT PLUS on-line support centre.

More About customer care

podpora susedskych vztahov

Supporting neighbourly relations

Because we care about good neighbourly relations between our project residents, our care continues after handing over an apartment to a happy home owner. We support neighbourly relations with our unique on-line YIT PLUS service, which enables neighbours to get to know each other.

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finacna a poistna asistencia

Mortgage and insurance assistance

A YIT financial specialist will select your best financing conditions, arrange a mortgage, real estate insurance, and even help sell your old apartment.



We build cities where people like to live and which are environmentally-responsible.


Finnish standard of living.

praktické dispozície

PRACtical Layout

Our century of Finnish know-how enables us to design efficient apartments with optimal layouts that maximise the practical and convenient use of all available space.

nizkoenergeticke riesenia


We prioritise cost-efficiency - that’s why we use low-energy solutions that save the environment and our clients' money.

finska architektura


Moderation and simplicity are typical of Finnish architecture. So our building designs focus on sensitive and functional design, connected with nature through natural materials and energy-efficient solutions.