History & philosophy

History & philosophy


YIT’s story began in 1912 with the merger of four companies with the aim to provide high-quality civil engineering services. YIT earned a high reputation in building infrastructure and securing water supplies for most Finnish towns, following which it expanded quickly nationally. 

The company then expanded into the Middle East and former Soviet Union (Russian Federation), and at the turn of the millennium expanded into infrastructure construction in Scandinavia and Central Europe. 

In 2010, YIT Reding a.s. was formed after being acquired by the international YIT group. Our projects include quality residential, office, and business premises. In 2016 the company became YIT Slovakia, a.s. and is one of the largest development and construction companies in the Bratislava region. 

Our aim is to become a European leader in residential development and construction, providing quality services while appreciating our social responsibility. 

We aim to continually improve the quality and services we provide by identifying and introducing innovative solutions. Our continued success depends on highly educated and qualified staff, confidence in their abilities, and the ongoing development of their skills and competencies.

Philosophy & values

Our company success is the result of the long-term dedication of our employees to our customers, whose expectations and needs we strive to exceed. We aim to be one step ahead in terms of customer care and corporate responsibility, and to create a better environment for living and working. We are committed to moving forward and achieving good results through honoring the values of cooperation and teamwork. 

We aim to be a brand that customers can rely on. Quality is honorable relations and a constant drive towards efficiency while protecting the environment. The world, society, and technology are continually evolving and advancing – and it is our responsibility to respond to these developments and to lead.


Moving with the times yet not blindly following trends. We believe that innovation and new solutions play an equally important role in our internal growth.


Good cooperation means we work as a team internally and externally - mutually-beneficial cooperation is based on respect, trust, openness, and sincerity.


The results of our quality work derive from honest trade. We appreciate our responsibility towards all engaged in our business activities and end-users. Only good cooperation results in good results - and only exceptional results create long-term prosperity and partnerships.

Business ethics

Employees are our most valuable asset. Their attitude, engagement, and results impact the functioning of the whole company. That’s why we prioritize their satisfaction, safety, motivation and ongoing professional growth. 


Each project results from positive cooperation. Whether we sign a contract as a builder, supplier, investor or developer, we accept every task with 100% respect for partners’ opinions and experience.


End-user satisfaction is the benchmark of our success. Our products are user-focused - creating a framework, background, and scope for everyday activities. Our approach is quality at a reasonable price. The more we focus on user needs and requirements, the higher the likelihood that we will create really good places for living and working.


In all areas of our activity, we take into consideration values that go above and beyond the needs of the company or profit, whether valid laws, human rights or unwritten code of conduct. We apply corporate responsibility in every aspect of our activity, carefully weigh the consequences of our decisions and procedures, contribute to transparency and fairness in the business sector, improve living space, and help protect the environment.


A healthy environment means quality life on our planet – that’s why our company strives to minimize the environmental impacts of our activities and those of our subcontractors.