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NUPPU grows with you – a project that creates a space full of energy, ideas and life-long friendships. It is destined to become the new blossoming centre of Ružinov - hence the name NUPPU, which means flower bud in Finnish.

The yard of NUPPU

The division of the courtyard into several zones gives people many reasons to smile. Everyone will find something to do without accidentally disturbing others. The individual parts of the courtyard can develop separately, exactly as the inhabitants want.

Aktívna zóna

The active area is intended for sports, games, children’s playing and other wild activities. The area encourages children and adolescents to go out and adults
and the elderly to take care of their health and join the fun and games.

Spoločenská zóna

The social area is located in the middle of the yard. From there, one can see everywhere and watch what is going on in the yard. In the social area, it is permitted to do things together, interact with people, play calmer games and organise events or pop-up activities.

Oddychová zóna

In the quiet area one can relax, take a deep breath and, say, read or do yoga. Working is also possible, and the yard can actually function as an extension of a home office. The quiet area is also an excellent place for watching what is going on in the yard before possibly deciding on joining the common activity. 


For many residents of Bratislava, a high-quality kindergarten near their home is only a wish. However, it is a reality in Nuppu. This modern neighborhood provides everything necessary for comfortable living, and a well-equipped kindergarten will make everyday life easier for many families from this location.

Neighbour lounge

You won't be bored thanks to the neighbour lounge. Adapted for leisure activities as well as working from home, this space is a great choice for gatherings or a board game tournament.

Car sharing among residents

Thanks to carsharing, a car is no longer a necessity. With a simple application, you can rent a car at any time and without worries. Regular service and checking the condition of the car is a matter of course. This service is avaliable exclusively for NUPPU residents.

Balíkobox delivery station

Have your package delivered to the Balíkobox in NUPPU and save time spent travelling to the post office and waiting in long lines.

Bus stop

By developing public transport, we contribute to a sustainable living environment. In cooperation with Bratislava Public Transit Company, we are preparing a bus stop on Mlynské nivy street, which will facilitate everyday commuting to work or leisure.

Electric car charging station

Major part of sustainable development consists of ecological transportation. For this reason we have brought to NUPPU multiple electric car charging station, thanks to which cars will be ready to travel quickly and on time.

Living with YIT is easy


The journey to a new home is easy with us. Our mortgage and financial specialist will advise you and equip everything you need in the purchase process. Don't worry unnecessarily and save some time and money. While arranging the mortgage, we also hold the apartment reservation for you.

Customer care

Our philosophy is to build a better living environment and to create homes in which everyone feels good. We rely on an open and individual approach to each client. Our interest in the customer does not end with the sale of the apartment, and we develop good relations even after moving in.

More than 100 years of experience

We know that the success of our company is not accidental, but is the result of long-term cooperation of all employees. Thanks to them, we create vibrant cities in 10 European countries and bring our dreams to thousands of satisfied clients.

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