Financing with YIT

Our financial specialist will ensure that the path to your new home will be straightforward and effective. Save time and money – and avoid worry. Take it easy and leave the financing details of your new home up to us.

Special Financial Programmes

Vernostný bonus

Reward for Loyalty

Has your family grown and the need for more space rises by the day? As an existing YIT client, you will receive a financial bonus for your loyalty when buying your first property, be it a new home, commercial, or office space from our offer.


Extra Bonus on Your First Instalment

Does your financial situation allow you to pay more than 20% of the purchase price on the first instalment? Take advantage of this opportunity, and we will reward you with a financial bonus for every additional % point.

Viac za menej

More for less

Have you decided to buy 2 or more properties from our offer? In that case, we will be happy to apply a volume bonus, giving you a financial advantage on your purchase. The volume bonus also applies if you would like to buy a combination of an apartment and a non-residential space or an office. 

Starý byt za novy od YIT

We will handle the sale of the old residence for you

Living in old, uninsulated apartments and houses that have not been renovated often entails high heating and maintenance costs. Switch your old home for a new one and get your utility costs under control. We will be happy to assist you with this too, making the sale of your old property transparent and simple.

Ponuka na úrovni úrokovej sadzby

1.29% Interest Rate Offer

Are the current interest rates preventing you from buying your own home? This spring, you get a unique chance to benefit from a two-year interest rate of 1.29%. Simply apply for a loan through our financial specialist and pick from the offer of Magnolia 2 apartments at the NUPPU project in Ružinov. This offer is only valid until the end of May 2023.

With us, it’s easy

Všetko pod jednou strechou

Everything under one roof.

Imagine all the time you’ll save by avoiding bank visits and comparing the various offers, not to mention the laborious paperwork and confirmations. We’ll provide the best financing plan, completion, and submission of a mortgage application, checking contracts with the bank, and entering the purchase into the real estate registry. Quickly, in one place and commission free.

Najnižšia úroková sadzba

Lowest Interest Rate Guarantee

What if mortgage rates go down, but you’ve already agreed to a higher interest rate during our project construction? No worries – our specialist will ensure that your interest rate (depending on your financial rating) will also go down – free of charge. On the other hand, if mortgage rates increase during the project construction stage, your approved mortgage interest rate is guaranteed!

Poistenie nehnuteľnosti a domácnosti

Property and Home Insurance

In addition to a mortgage, YIT can also provide property and home insurance. Property insurance is a requisite for taking out a mortgage, while home insurance protects you against damage to your new residence. Just like the mortgage, a financial specialist can arrange both of these for you, saving you time and trouble.

Najvýhodnejšie podmienky

Prime Terms

Buyers have various ideas about financing their new residence – and navigating the multitude of offers from various banking institutions is difficult and time-consuming. Our financial specialists at the YIT Sales Centre will evaluate and compare the banks’ fees and terms for you. That way, you’ll find a solution that fits your needs with the best possible terms.


We Can Help You

On your own, you have to:

1 Pick a bank

2 Complete the application form and prepare documents for the bank

3 Submit the application for a mortgage loan

4 Approval process – provide additional documentation if necessary

5 Sign the loan agreement

6 Request to draw up a deposit contract

7 Inform YIT of your financing bank

8 Request the bank to send the draft of the deposit contract for YIT review

9 Have the client and YIT sign the deposit contract

10 Submit an application to file the Deposit Contract in the Cadastre of Real          Estate and inform YIT + pay the stamp duty of €66 yourself

11 Arrange property insurance with collection of the insurance collection in            favor of the bank

12 Drawing down the loan – the responsibility for the terms of the contract              and the maturity dates is on you.

With a financial specialist, we will arrange:

Choosing the bank

Completing the application and preparing documents for the bank

Applying for the Mortgage Loan

Approval process – if necessary, submitting additional documentation

Signing the loan agreement. YIT will check and arrange and signing date.

Request the drafting of the deposit contract

No need to inform YIT of the financing bank

Request the bank to send the deposit contract to YIT for review

Signing of the deposit contract by the client and YIT – Preparing and                  confirming the signing date will be arranged by YIT

Submission of the application for filing the Deposit Contract in the Cadastre of Real Estate and informing YIT + payment of the €66 stamp duty from own resources

Arrange property insurance with collection of insurance collection in favour       of the bank

Drawing down the loan – the responsibility for the terms of the contract and the maturity dates is on YIT

How does financing work?

Výber bytu

Choose Your Apartment

We reserve the residence for 5 working days, during which you can arrange a mortgage loan through a financial specialist.


We Will Prepare The Best Financing Offer

A financial specialist will prepare offers for you from a selection of 3 to 4 major banks. From these, you will be able to select the mortgage option that best meets your financing needs.

Zmluva o budúcej kúpnej zmluve

You Will Sign a Future Purchase Agreement

Our financial specialist will prepare a mortgage application for your selected bank’s offer. After mortgage approval, you will sign a future purchase agreement and then you can draw down the mortgage.


Mortgage Drawdown

Mortgage drawdown can already be applied to the first portion of the purchase price without pledging the apartment. Such payment normally represents 20% of the apartment’s total purchase price (drawing down on a mortgage without pledging a property is only possible with some selected banks). You will pay a monthly instalment only on the portion of the mortgage actually drawn down. Ask one of our mortgage specialists for more information.

Dočerpanie úver

Loan Completion

For the last part of the mortgage loan, we will submit the approval permit to the bank, as well as many other necessary documents (ZoBKZ, insurance collection, copy of the insurance policy, invoice, payment confirmation of own funds). From that time, you will pay the full monthly instalments as defined in the approved mortgage agreement.

Podpis kúpnej zmluvy

Signing The Purchase Contract

After paying 100% of the purchase price and filing the approval permit on the title deed, you will sign a purchase contract for the transfer of the property ownership. Using own funds to purchase the apartment? Such funds can be refunded through a mortgage within 12 months.

Prevziatie bytu

Moving In

Collect your apartment keys and start enjoying your dream home from YIT!


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