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Starostlivosť o zákazníkov

Our customer communication with customers continues long after moving in

YIT's philosophy is to create a better space for living and to build homes. We are also unique in our individual approach to each customer assisted by our sales team. Our customer involvement continues after an apartment sale, and we strive to foster good relations even after a homeowner has moved in.

When do we get in touch with you?

The first contact with the Customer Care Department is when the future buyer signs the Future Purchase Agreement (FPA).

What happens after?

We send a registration link to the buyer's email, allowing access to our
YIT PLUS online service.

We will take care of you

We solve customer requirements from the contract closing and subsequently also after your moving in (during the warranty period, and after its expiration).


We organize personal meetings in order to hand over the apartment.

We conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys to evaluate opinions of our products and services.


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Request resolution

Customers can submit requests to the Customer Care Department at any time using the YIT PLUS online - Customer Service.


Apartment hand-over

The Customer Care Department hands over completed apartments in two steps – technical transfer (customer inspects that apartment is completed to designated standard, and physical transfer (after the owner has paid full price and receives property keys).


Apartment manual

Each homeowner upon property take-over receives an Apartment manual for property maintenance and care.


Meeting with you

We organize Client Days, during which our clients can enter their apartment for the first time and the. Another event is the First Owners' Meeting, at which we present a selected management company to the owners of apartments and non-residential premises.



Thanks to YIT PLUS, you will be able to communicate more easily with your neighbors, organize joint events or solve problems in your apartment.

The YIT PLUS online service is a unique communication tool through which the apartment owner can communicate not only with individual YIT departments, the apartment building administrator, but also with neighbors. In addition, it is also an online repository of important documents such as contracts, floor plans of the apartment, photo documentation of the apartment and much more. Each client will find all the documents for his property in one place. YIT PLUS also includes regular information on the most important milestones in the construction process and photographs. Thanks to partner companies, clients have the opportunity to choose from advantageous offers of services and products related to their housing.

✓ Don't miss any important announcements

✓ Meet and greet your new neighbors

✓ Contact the facility manager easily and quickly

✓ Services and assistance available online

✓ Thanks to our partners, you will get special offers of products and services that will simplify your living

✓ All documents for your apartment available online via computer or tablet

✓ Organize joint events with neighbors and make new friends

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